Dear guest, hello and welcome to the personal web page of George Katsionis. First of all I would like to thank you very much for having the interest to visit my web page, and be able to find out some things about me. My name is George Katsionis, I was born in Athens-Greece at the 25th of June 1979 and I am living in Haidari, Athens. My current occupation is working as a computer science teacher in public High-schools.

Since the 19th of September of 2007 I have a Ph.D Degree in Computer Science from the department of informatics of University of Piraeus, titled: «Emotional Intelligence for a web-based adaptive educational virtual reality game». I am a computer science graduate (1997-2001) from the department of Informatics of the University of Piraeus. My supervisor during my Ph.D was Dr. Maria Virvou, Associate Professor in the University of Piraeus. Many details about my work concerning the Ph.D. and reseach activities can be found in the Detailed Research Information section below.

Apart from studying in the University I was also working as a programmer since the 3rd year of the degree (2000-2006) in a big greek software house, the Singular Logic software. In my extra time I have also designed and developed some Websites which you can visit. Detailed information about myself, studies, professional work and knowledge can be found in my Curriculum Vitae below. There are also some of my Personal Photographs at the according link below.

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